A Joint Powers Agreement

8.2 In the event of the performance of the responsibility of the educational area which fulfils its jurisdiction, obligations and responsibilities under this agreement, the Educational District releases the contracting parties in accordance with Section 895.4 of the Government Code. The dissolution of the educational district is triggered if all parties to this agreement vote unanimously in favour of the dissolution of the educational district and the termination of that contract and if no successor organization is created to continue the educational district. The boards of directors of the participating districts jointly communicate to the Board of Directors at least one (1) exercise with the intention of dissolving the educational district. This notice will allow the Education District to conclude its pending programs and contracts and inform its staff of the dissolution. The common powers to common powers are conferred by creative governments; They are therefore different from the special districts that receive new delegations of sovereign power from the state. In 1968, the four school districts built a vocational training facility on the Hillsdale site. SJUSD managed the program. Milpitas joined in 1969 and Los Gatos-Saratoga in 1973. SJUSD managed the RVC and MAEP until 1983, when the six districts jointly decided to create the Central Santa Clara County Regional Occupational Agency (”CSCCROA”), a common authority agency (JPA) to manage programs. In 1997, the JPA was renamed the Metropolitan Education District. The Education District is authorized to be the administrator of the registration of the Hillsdale website to manage the use, maintenance, liability, facilities and administrative notifications regarding the site. The Education District is only allowed to authorize facilities unanimously, after consultation with the boards of directors of the participating districts and obtaining the approval of each member of the executive committee.

6.6.2 The Board of Directors has the power to appoint, assess, terminate or retain the services of other organizations and individuals, to the extent necessary or appropriate, and to determine and pay their remuneration in accordance with Part 25, Section 3, Title 2 of the Education Code, subject to the possible terms of employment contracts.