Collective Bargaining Agreement In Tanzania

3.2 This contract does not apply to employees who are employed as employees, fixed-term contracts and executive employees. Management can be a member and contribute to the Union, but it must not be part of the negotiating unit. 14.6.2 Since the conflict, the parties have met for at least two or thirty days and no agreement has yet been reached; or 3) If mediation fails, a certificate of non-compliance is issued and the case is continued as a full procedure during the arbitration phase. 16.2.3 If a party (the defaulting party) fails to meet any of its obligations under this agreement and cannot remedy the infringement after 30 days after receiving written notification from the other party (aggrieved party), the aggrieved party is entitled to refer a dispute to the Commission`s mediation. If mediation fails, each party can refer the dispute to the labour tribunal. 8.4 The number of women representing trade unions must, on the whole, correspond to the level of representation of women in the collective agreement unit. 18.2 This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and the amendments are not binding unless the amendment is reduced to writing and signed by both parties. In addition, a recognized union (union with members of the majority) may enter into a collective agreement providing for an agency workshop. An agency office is a security agreement in which workers in a collective agreement unit who are not members of the approved union are required to pay agency fees to the union. This requirement is to encourage workers in the collective agreement unit (although they are not members of the union) to contribute because they always benefit from what the union does for the unity of collective agreements.

The amount payable is negotiated between the approved unions and the employers, but cannot exceed the fees paid by the official union members. This money is mainly used to promote or defend the socio-economic interests of workers in this workplace. Since legal wages are in principle set so that insured workers can at least afford basic needs, we ask for a link with collective agreements which believe that the conditions of employment of the workers concerned are improved.