Compilazione Learning Agreement Luiss

The three contracting parties that sign the agreement undertake to comply with all the agreed provisions so that the student can directly obtain recognition of his studies or internships abroad. The agreement defines the program or internship to be carried out and is approved by the student and the institution, organization or company of origin and destination before the exchange. It contains all the knowledge that the student should acquire during a stay abroad. With regard to the learning mobility of students, the learning agreement must indicate the teaching elements that will be replaced at the diploma at the end of the studies abroad. See guidelines below. The learning agreement aims to allow transparent and effective exchanges so that the student in question is recognized by activities abroad. For student mobility to traineeships, the apprenticeship agreement must define how the stay abroad is recognised, including for the purposes of the diploma, and whether it is carried out on a voluntary basis (not mandatory for graduation) or by a young graduate. See the guidelines below….