Scheduling Agreement Jit Sap

In the outsourcing industry, there are usually rules about how and how much a material should be packaged. To enter such a proposal, go to the summary table of delivery plans. In the field, enter the quantity of the item to be packed. Select Edit –> packaging suggestion to access the packaging screen. For more information on packaging, see the packing note in shipping. The functions described therein can also be used in the delivery plan. In shipping, delivery plan deliveries for component suppliers are built based on the delivery plan or JIT delivery plan. Relevant engineering statements are copied into delivery plans when maintained there. Shipping units (for packaging purposes) are also set up automatically, taking into account the quantity delivered and the instructions in the delivery plan. There are framework agreements between automotive companies and their suppliers on the total quantities of material supply planned within one year. These materials are released by distribution. Delivery plans are subject to frequent changes that are communicated to the supplier via EDI or paper (fax) in the form of normal delivery plans, JIT delivery plans and synchronized production delivery plans.

Current delivery dates may replace, in whole or in part, dates and quantities in previous delivery plans. To create a delivery plan with the delivery plans, follow these steps: To compare different generations of delivery plans, select Edit –> Visual analysis by editing or viewing the delivery plan. You access the analysis image that displays on the left all delivery schedule generations and, on the right, all JIT delivery schedule generations, from the current delivery plan above. An evolution in the field of the automotive industry is the supply through an external agent. In most cases, the external agent is a carrier that has a warehouse in the immediate vicinity of a car manufacturer`s plant. The component supplier delivers to the warehouse of the external agent on the basis of the delivery plans of the car manufacturer. The external agent delivers from the warehouse according to the JIT delivery plans to the car manufacturer.