Separation Agreement In Employment

The employer may have additional financial obligations to the worker due to the termination of the relationship. In ”III. Severance pay”, we define whether the employer makes payments to the worker after the end of the employment period. If the employer is not required to make payments in addition to the employee`s regular salary, mark the box ”No severance pay”. If the employer is required to make an additional payment to the worker, mark the ”one-time payment” box and enter the dollar amount to be paid to the worker as severance pay in the first white line of this choice. If this is the case, continue with point ”A” in this selection and indicate if additional severance pay will be paid to the employee. If not, mark the ”No further severance pay” box. If yes, mark the ”Other severance pay” box and indicate what this allowance is made of in the blank line indicated. If the employer is expected to pay more than one severance pay to the worker, do not leave the first two options in this selection marked and activate the box to check ”Multiple payments”. You must also set the dollar amount of each payment that the employer must make to the employee in empty line after the dollar mark with the last calendar date on which such payments can be made under the terms ”Ending On”. Then set the frequency with which these payments are made by activating the ”weekly”, ”bi-weekly”, ”monthly” box or by filling in a particular calendar in the blank line provided. Once this has been done, pay to point ”A” in this selection, either by marking the box ”No further severance pay” or by indicating the box ”Other severance pay” and then indicating the additional severance pay that the employer must make available to the worker. In the next article will be ”IV.

return of ownership” we will report if the employee must return the property to the employer. If the employer does not have such a requirement for the worker, select the ”No obligations” box. If the employee is expected to return items to the employer, select the ”Employees to be returned” box, which requires a manifest of the items that the employee in the blank line according to the words ”. Returned to the employer. If the employee needs to return these items before a specific calendar date, report that calendar date in both spaces under ”A) return date”. The following article will also require our attention. In ”V. Non-Competition Clause”, we will address any employer concerns regarding intellectual property security, trade secrets, etc. If the employer does not expect the worker to work in the ” . Same or similar sectors that compete directly or indirectly with the employer`s activities” then mark the first control box. . .