When Does A Custody Agreement End

If you and the other parent are on an equal footing with the changes, you can file a new agreement with the court. If you disagree with the changes, you will need to go back to court so that a judge can decide if they are in the best interests of the child. Here are some other useful terms for your agreement: If you have more questions about these five custody myths or other ”facts” you may have heard, you should talk to O`Connor Family Law. On-call cases are one of our main areas of interest, so we know the facts and outcomes that will help you achieve the desired result. Call us to discuss your situation with someone you can trust today. In California, a person has reached the ”age of majority” on their 18th birthday and is considered an adult. From that point on, child custody laws no longer apply. But having the child in your sole care does not in itself protect you from having to pay child support to the other parent. There are five myths about child care arrangements that parents generally believe are not true or are not necessarily true in all cases. While there are a number of factors that ultimately influence the final custody decision in your divorce case, the court will always focus primarily on what is in your child`s best interests.