Wire Transfer Agreement Requirements

3.1 By submitting a transfer request, the Client authorises the Bank to withdraw the amount of a requested transfer that the Client may authorise and order, plus all applicable fees and charges, from the deposit account specified by the Client. Subject to the terms of this Annex, the Bank accepts and makes a transfer received from the Client that has been authenticated by the Bank and that complies with the security procedures (as described below), the deadlines, the transaction limits and other requirements described in this Annex and all related documents, configuration forms and other documents. The bank rejects payment orders that would result in the customer`s transactions exceeding the daily transaction limit or the daily exposure limit set by the bank for the customer. The daily transaction limit and the daily exposure limit may be changed from time to time at the customer`s request in accordance with the bank`s rules and policies. Any changes to these limits are at the Bank`s sole discretion. In addition to the security procedures that apply to online banking, Radius Bank uses additional security procedures for its money transfer customers. Recall procedure: The bank requires recall procedures for all transfer requests of at least $25,000.00. The Customer must provide the following information to designate the persons authorized to receive and verify all such referral requests through this recall procedure. Personal Identification Number (PIN): The bank also requires the use of a PIN by anyone authorized to verify all such transfer requests through the reminder process. The PIN serves as an additional means of authenticating the identity of the authorized person(s) with account-specific or transaction details during all telephone interactions. The bank distributes a unique PIN to each authorized person listed below via secure email.

4.2 With the exception of outgoing transfers with a future date, outgoing transfers (recipients domiciled in the United States) initiated and approved within the time limit set out in Appendix A on a working day will be processed on the same day, if that date is also a working day for the correspondence facility of the Bank and the receiving bank. Outgoing domestic transfers initiated and approved after the time limit set out in Annex A will be processed on the next business day if that day is also a business day for the Bank`s correspondence facility and the receiving bank. Future domestic outbound transfers will be initiated on the effective date requested by the Customer, provided that such date is a business day, and not the date on which the Customer completed the transaction through the Service. .